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Karen Gushta: Me había mudado a Canadá, me había ido de la casa en los setenta, principios de los setenta, y me estaba revelando havia muchas cosas; y cuando salí embarazada, no supe a quien acudir, solo sabia que no podía tener un bebe, eso period algo que no me podría imaginar, que no podía manejar eso en mi vida.

Mrs. Paula in case you experienced seen him yesterday, he seemed so proud of me! he didn’t even know how to proceed with me… But from one day the subsequent, every little thing altered.

" — "what would you indicate? a guide is ok"; —¿le pido disculpas? —¿dónde vas? deja que sea él quien se disculpe "shall I apologize?" — "Exactly what are you speaking about? Enable him be the a person to apologize"

Juliana: Perfectly, I’m not really positive I would like to do this. 1st as a result of his mothers and fathers, and second, I didn’t appear listed here to speak to you about Camilo.

Profesor Wang, los estudiantes no entienden la ethical del Kung Fu verdadero, porque nadie se los ha enseñado, pero estoy seguro de que lo aprenderán de usted muy pronto.

El tipo que vino el otro día a vender hierbas medicinales me dijo que todo el que quiera aprender Kung Fu debe desarrollar una postura firme.

Narradora: El famoso caso Robe Wade de 1973, devino en la legalización del aborto. Mas tarde, Doe V. Borton permitió el aborto se hiciera en cualquiera de los 9 meses del embarazo.

¿cómo lo iba a tener? how could he have had it?; ¡no lo va a saber! of course he appreciates!; ¿no irás a decirme que no lo sabías? you're not about to notify me you didn't know?; ¿no irá a soplar? I hope he's not going to split on us (familiar)

Claudio: I’ve listened to from distinct resources, that an employee of the club, some male named William, from the health and fitness center, has snooze having a couple of associates of the club. And apparently this minimal everyday living has set up some video company and is also blackmailing theses gullible females.

Lucrecia: Oh Small Juliana, that you are way too young and helpless for me to generally be scared of your threats. I understand that that you are traumatized by Whatever you father did, and which you now imagine everyone is a thug like him; but let me tell you that look at this now you're Erroneous. You are going to should swallow your phrases.

Sergio: I understand, I look at this now realize Manuela but I'm Determined, you comprehend? I'm dealing with exactly the same issue you went via if you came to reside in my apartment.

Pola: Don’t you explain to me to shut up, I'm not your female. You much better respect me. You don’t have the proper to, Am I getting crystal clear?

En mi caso, nunca concebí de nuevo después de esa perdida, y por eso me quede sin hijos, y eso es una tristeza para mi, es algo que no puedo cambiar. Fue algo que ciertamente nunca anticipe cuando en 1973 tuve el aborto.

obtain the health practitioner; voy a por él (a buscarle) I'll go and acquire him; (a atacarle) I'll get him; solo van a por las pelas they're only in it for the money

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